Installation & Monitoring

Security Services

Security services start with security systems which protect the premises and notify the proper authorities of incidents including intrusion, fire, high Carbon Monoxide levels, low-temperature, and presence of water. The installed system will be as efficient and easy to use as possible while not compromising its integrity and reliability.


The next step of security is CCTV, which stands for “Closed-Circuit Television”. This means cameras with the ability to record activities happening in your home or business.

You can feel secure in the safety of your assets. In most cases, it even can be set up so that you can view your camera from a remote location where a connection to the internet is available or even from your smartphone.

Access Control

Last but not least, there is access control.
With this product, you can monitor who comes in and out of your building, office, or even as small of an area as a closet. It does this by having an electronic connection to an electric locking device installed on the door which replaces the existing lock in some cases.

When a valid card is presented it sends a signal unlocking the door and storing the information from the presented card keeping a record of which card open the door at which time.

With this, restricting access to certain areas to only select people and regarding even their comings and goings, becomes easy and a valued security tool.

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